Aso-Oke Designs
Needles and Thread Ltd offers, amongst its product range, the production and sale of traditional/contemporary Aso-Oke fabrics. It recently introduced into the market its unique and exquisite brand of contemporary Aso-oke branded Lace Aso-oke.

Lace Aso-Oke is a fabric specifically woven with comfort and style in mind. It features beautiful lace and floral designs that are lusciously embroidered and exquisitely accessorised using a choice of glittering sequins or stones, unique beads and high quality cords. These features are relatively new to Aso-Oke fabric and give Lace Aso-Oke the rich contemporary and luscious look/feel that appeal to women of substance who wish distinguish themselves from the crowd

Also available in the rich basket of products at Needles and Thread are other types of Aso-oke such as Net Aso-oke, Silk Aso-oke, Super-net, Double Weave Aso-oke, Etu, and Soyon. These are complemented by exquisite customized Hand-fans that are produced to match the corresponding Aso-Oke or Lace outfit.

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Aso-Oke Designs
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